QueenEsque, are 5 Queen fans with a passion to perform the best possible tribute to the music of Queen and Freddie Mercury. All five members of the band are highly experienced musicians and performers and take great pride in what they do, covering every detail to create a memorable evening for all Queen fans!

The QueenEsque show has delevoped over the years and includes authentic replica instruments and amplifiers to capture Queen live at their best, and stunning costume changes for a truly authentic live show! The band concentrate on capturing the true essence of the live sound of Queen, rather than cheap gimmicks, and perform in costume, whilst Freddie, who looks, acts and dresses like the great man himself, entertains the crowd! Meet the band below.

Mark Vocals

Role: Vocals
Gear: Shure mics, Vocal fx

The best Freddie Mercury tribute around. Mark has all of Freddie's natural energy and charisma, coupled with his superb vocals and stage presence. Including all the classic costumes he is guaranteed to get any audience singing, dancing and cheering along to all of Queen's classic hits!

Steve Guitar

Role: Guitarist & Backing Vocals.
Gear: Red Special guitar, Vox AC30 amps.

Steve captures the tone and energy of Brian May perfectly on his "Red Special" replica guitar and Vox amplifiers. On top of all the guitar wizardry, Steve also adds great backing vocals in songs such as 'Somebody to Love', 'Under Pressure' and 'I Want it All'.

Tony Drums

Role: Drums, Percussion & Vocals
Gear: Replica Mirrored Chrome drum kit.

A powerhouse drummer, formerly in Queen tribute 'Galileo'. Tony spent years building his mirrored chrome kit to the same specification as Roger Taylor's 80s tour kit. He also adds vocals just like Roger, and is the only Queen tribute drummer to sing 'I'm In Love With My Car' live.

Andy Bass

Role: Bass Guitar
Gear: Precision bass guitar, Tech21 rack amp.

Andy has years of experience in both cover bands and function bands before he finally found his dream role being Queen's John Deacon in QueenEsque. He uses flatwound strings on both precision basses just like Deacy and Tech 21 VTRM amps to replicate the bass sound.

Dan Keyboards

Role: Dan Keyboards, Synths, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gear: Roland Keyboard, Korg Synths, Gibson SG guitar.

Dan is QueenEsque's real musician! As well as playing piano just like Freddie Mercury in 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Seven Seas of Rhye', he also adds synths to the likes of 'Who Wants to Live Forever' and 'One Vision', as well as guitar and backing vocals!


Role: ex bassist
Gear: Musicman Stingray bass

Former bassist. Still a close friend to the band.